We Fix Broken WordPress Themes

Every day, we contacted by business owners, WordPress designers, programmers, bloggers, corporate reps, freelancers, mom and pop shops, and various other individuals to discuss their WordPress theme problems. Typically, they’re panicking because their website has become a mess after a theme or WordPress-related update.

But here’s a little secret for you: We can probably fix the issue so you can get on with what you do best, and not worry about this little blip on your radar. So our advice to you is not to panic. You can often fix the problem with reasonable solutions.

Common Theme Problems

We help people tackle issues like these:

  • Fix blank screen that suddenly appeared when the theme was activated
  • You try to import data but it doesn’t work
  • The menu suddenly doesn’t work
  • Custom style that make the site “cool” don’t work anymore
  • The newsletter email collection box looks weird
  • The photos are misaligned
  • The fonts aren’t quite right
  • Featured images are a mess
  • Broken thumbnails need fixing
  • Your custom theme changes disappear after an update
  • Theme requires re-installation
  • Get the stylesheet to work properly
  • Your homepage doesn’t look like the theme demo and requires modifications
  • The posts have turned into “404 error” pages
  • The “Fatal error” notice has you in a panic (don’t worry!)

Types of Themes That We Fix

It doesn’t matter how you got your theme, at some point it’s probably going to break. Any of these scenarios may affect you. Either way, contact us to find out how we can help.

  • You used the native theme provided by WordPress (the one you got when you first installed WordPress)
  • Your “web guy” gave you a custom theme
  • You’re working on and developing on your own custom theme
  • You bought a theme from an online store (Envato, Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, Template Monster, Themify, WP Zoom, Bavotasan, etc.)
  • You downloaded a free theme

Get Started!

You need help fixing your WordPress theme? Contact us to get started! We’re nice people helping nice people, just like you!