Custom WordPress Training Workshops

Not only do we help people just like you with their WordPress websites, we have spent the last decade training them on WordPress best practices! We offer training through several means including in-person WordPress workshops, over-the-phone sessions, guidance by screen sharing, and at conferences such as WordCamps where our members are popular speakers.

Who Do We Train?

Our team trains anyone who wants to learn WordPress and take their skills to the next level. These include:

  • WordPress enthusiasts who want to their feet wet
  • Business owners who are hands on and need a little guidance
  • In-house web developers who need to learn WordPress
  • Freelancers looking to improve their skills
  • People who want a personal website and need some help
  • Bloggers who want to take their site to the next level
  • … and so many other cases!

We’re Patient and Friendly!

We understand your frustration with WordPress. It’s fantastic and powerful software but it’s not perfect. Let our patient and friendly team help you achieve the objectives you have.

Contact us today!