Offsite WordPress Website Backups

Whether your website got hacked or you’ve heard about all of the security threats to websites. It’s time to make an offsite backup.

We provide offsite backup services using the biggest names industry. If anything happens to your websites, we’re able to restore your it at a point just before the site was damaged. We can then protect the site and re-launch it.

One reason we suggest that at least one version of your website is done in the cloud is that if you have a physical copy, such as on an external hard drive, it can get damaged. At that point, you get an “A” for effort but an “F” for usefulness.

Moving forward, it’s best to keep at least one copy of your WordPress website backed up. We help make that easy so you don’t have to think about it. In fact, if all goes according to plan, you’ll never have to think about it, so you can focus on your work, family, and leisure time. Not your website.

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