WordPress Performance & Speed Optimization Service

We can help you with speed optimization. Website speed has become a major issue for two main reasons. First, the faster the website, the more visitors will enjoy the experience through your website. Next, Google has made it clear that speed affects search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings.

No one wants to wait on their phone more than a split second. People are on the run and don’t wait to go home to check out your website. More than 50% of people who find a typical website now finds it on their phone. You don’t want to miss out. Hire a team that knows how to increase speed of wordpress site.

A variety of factors combine to get your site to load quickly. Having the best web hosting plan for your needs, optimizing your WordPress database, getting your homepage down to a size that loads quickly, and other points work toward lowering your site speed. We can do all of that for you.

Fast Speed is Best for SEO

One of the best parts of having a fast website is that it’s great for both website visitors and search engine optimization (SEO).

Take off your business hat for a second and think of yourself as a website visitor. Now, ask yourself how much time you spend on a website that downloads slowly. You’ll probably come to the conclusion that you really don’t spend much time on a site unless you can get to the most useful information that you seek, as fast as possible. As a WordPress website user, don’t you want to offer the same site speed to your visitors? Of course you do!

Aside from users, it turns out that Google has clearly stated that the faster a website loads, the more weight it will receive when it’s deciding on who to rank highest in their search results pages. So, the faster the website, the better it is for SEO.

We can help you achieve your SEO goals of a high ranking! Let us do the thinking for you when it comes to speeding up your website!

WordPress Performance Testing

The best WordPress performance testing services revolve around speed testing. We’ll do an initial speed test and implement changes to try to make your site work faster.

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