We Fix WordPress Hacks

WordPress is so popular that it’s a popular target for hackers. Unfortunately, they often succeed at getting into your website and making your life miserable. We can help.

Common Hacks That We Fix

  • Nothing but a foreign language page appears
  • Hacks that vandalize the website’s appearance
  • Phishing hacks where they try to get usernames, passwords and credit card info
  • SQL injection which could destroy your website’s database
  • Public Google warnings about your website being hacked
  • Comment form abuse where you get tons of fake comments
  • Automatic re-directs where visitors to your site are sent to a sketchy website, making you look bad
  • Injection of code that adds links to inappropriate websites, often without you knowing they are there
  • Hacks that are so poorly executed that they break your website
  • Hacks that open backdoors for further exploitation
  • Hacks that insert malware deep into the site which causes further damage, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it
  • Drive-by downloads which exploits your website with malware and viruses
  • Hacks that get your website blacklisted

Hacks Affect SEO!

Your website could be completely thrown out of Google for being hacked. Don’t let this happen to your site!

This is common with website hacks. Google sees that the site is hacked, shows this warning to your potential clients for a while, then completely removes your site from the search results pages. Don’t worry, we can get your site back in.

Prevent Future Hacks

We offer some of the best WordPress website monitoring packages in the industry. Let’s face it, once your site has been hacked, you know it’s hell to deal with. Why not take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the first place?

Get started today!