Partnership Program

The partnership program (affiliate/reseller program) is best suited for agencies and web professionals. It’s also useful for individuals with a lot of connections (basically, acting almost like a sales rep)!

How it Works

(1) Identify yourself as a potential partner. Potential partners have the ability to send multiple clients to us each year.

(2) We agree to maintain and support the clients you send our way. This can be done as a white label service where your clients can just see us as part of your company or you can make it clear that we are your “trusted business partners” for WordPress work.

(3) Partners can resell our services at a price above our standard rates. Or, we can charge our standard rates and partners get a 10-25% (approximately) cut off the top. Depending on the volume, partners who resell our services may receive a discounted rate which increases their profit margin.

It’s Win-win!

Partners are basically preferred vendors, or affiliates who benefit tremendously from our services. Let us handle the headaches for you.

Contact us to get started!